Felix 50/100

P7- FEL-50/100


• Dimensions: 138mm (L) X 73mm (W) X 12mm (H)(50)
                     138mm (L) X 73mm (W) X 17mm (H) (100)
• 5000mAh/10000mAh Li-Polymer Type Battery Cells
• 5000mAh: Input: 2A @ 5VDC (Micro USB) Output: Up to 2.1A @ 5VDC (USB-A)
• 10000mAh: Input: Up to 2A @ 5VDC (Micro USB) Output: 1A @ 5VDC (USB-A1); 2.4A @ 5VDC (USB-A2) Total 3.4A Shared
• DIGI-Display for Battery Status with a Multifunction Button
• Built-in protection features for overheat, short-circuit and overcharge/discharge
• Auto On/OFF eatures for convenient usage and energy saving
• Supports most USB charging sources
• Ideal for long flights or anytime your device might run out of power


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