About Power7

Power 7 Technology designs and manufactures complex external and wireless storage , mobile power devices, and peripheral solutions for various computer and mobile OS platforms. We are recognized worldwide for our excellence in technology, creativity, innovation in design, quality and services we offer. Our experience of 20 years in OEM/ODM and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) has solid track records. We maintain long-standing relationships with numerous world-class and local companies that are not only depending on our expertise and services but also value us as their partners!

Conflict Minerals Policy

Power7 acknowledge and suport on Restricted Use of Conflict Minerals.Power7 does not purchase metal material directly, and understand most of our suppliers do not have a direct purchasing relationship with mining companies. However, we still survey our suppliers detailed to ensure the origins of the minerals used e.g. Co., Au, Pd., Ta, Sn. and W are not conflict minerals ush as the Domocratic Republic of Congo (DRC), or obtained from other illegal way. 


In order to be sure Power7 products do not use any the above "Conflict Minerals", we request our supplier:


  1. Must conduct their operation in a socially and environmentally responsible way
  2. Power7 does not accept conflict minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its adjoining countries.
  3. Suppliers shall trace the origins of the minerals used, e.g. Co, Au, Pd, Ta, Sn and W, to ensure that they are not conflict minerals.
  4. Suppliers shall impose the same requirement on their upstream suppliers

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